NEWS:   8 April 2011, SEEU, Know- How in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program

First informal waste collectors receive legal recognition in Macedonia

On 9th of June 2011, 19 informal waste collectors signed a contract with PUC “Komunalna Higiena” and received ID cards and legal acknowledgment for their activities. USAID plastic recycling project along with PUC and PAKOMAK (first authorized company for management of packaging waste) held contract signing ceremony in order to point out the beginning of Macedonian recycling industry development.

“For the first time, the activities of informal waste collectors are being recognized as an official business”, stated Joseph Lessard, USAID Director for economic growth. “The recycling industry in Macedonia has huge potential not only to generate more income for the collectors, but also for adding value and producing goods made from recycled material. By participating in training programs they will gain broader knowledge of the recycling industry and improve their business skills.”

The mayor of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski, called on his fellow citizens to select the waste and actively contribute for environment protection. “The city of Skopje placed 116 tree-parts metal containers for selective collection of plastics, paper and aluminum cans. These containers are placed in ten municipalities in Skopje which created opportunities for the citizens to select the packaging waste and throw it in the designated container at the nearest location.”

Rakip Doci, Director of PUC “Komunalna Higiena” underlined on advantages of this project: “The project enables decreasing of the quantity of packaging waste which otherwise ends up in landfills, resolves existence issues of the informal collectors and consistent respect of laws”.

Mirvet Hadzi - Alija, one of the two women waste collectors which signed a contract with Komunalna Higiena expressed her thanks to USAID, Komunalna Higiena and Pakomak for the given opportunity being a part of the formal recycling system that results with increase quantity of collected waste and incomes, decreased risk of injuries and diseases, improvement of their social position as well as acceptance from the institutions and citizens. The informal collectors received protective cloths, charging area as well as keys from the tree parts metal containers from the designated area.

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