NEWS:   8 April 2011, SEEU, Know- How in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program

Start of formal operation for the informal collectors of recyclable waste

T1 June 2011 – 19 informal waste collectors started their process of entering into the formal waste collection system. The USAID Plastic Recycling Project and the Public Utility Company Komunalna Higiena greeted the first group of collectors that chose to formalize their operations. Protective clothes as well as containers’ keys were delivered, and operational regions were distributed to them within 3 municipalities (Centar, Karposh and Gjorche Petrov). The Eco Patrol, which works under the PUC, will take responsibility in protecting the collectors’ rights against the ones that are still out of the formal system and in improving field coordination among waste collectors.

2 June 2011 - 24 hours after the kick-off 18 waste collectors started their operations - serving the containers of PUC Komunalna Higiena. 5 from the initial group of 19 gave up the cooperation with PUC Komunalna Higiena and were replaced with new 4 collectors. The reason for that is the perceived risk by the collectors of losing the social benefits they are currently receiving from the state. The day was busy - all staff members of the yard were engaged in the identification of the collectors, measurement and payment of those who brought recyclable goods, as well as selection and baling of the same. First to be paid was Mr. Redjep Asan from the beneath Kale camp, who was the first to bring a full bag of PET bottles. News about the inclusion of informal collectors into the formal system spread quickly so other informal collectors continuously express interest in getting involved in the project activities.

Next - 9 June 2011 - The official ceremony of signing the contracts between the informal waste collectors and the PUC Komunalna Higiena will take place on 9 June, at the company’s recycling yard. There, the 19 collectors will receive their Komunalna Higiena ID cards, which will make them legitimate and recognized service providers among the local population.

Future - So far 3 municipalities are covered with this initiative, but the indications are that the number of the informal collectors that would like to become formal will grow quickly. Therefore, the expectations are that in the future more municipalities will be covered, within the city of Skopje, but also across Macedonia, which should contribute towards sustainability of the results of the USAID Plastic Recycling Project.

Delivering tasks and regions’ authorization from the representatives of PUC Komunalna Higiena to the informal collectors - 01.06.2011

One of the first to bring material to the PUC Komunalna Higiena’ recycling yard 
Waste collector: Mr. Ibraimov Akif, 02.06.2011

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