NEWS:   8 April 2011, SEEU, Know- How in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program

Workshop for transfer of Know-how for Strengthening local capacities for establishment of the Municipal PET and paper Collection Program from Pelagonija region – Prilep, 29/04/2011

The workshop agenda was focused on following topics:

  • Exchange of experiences in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program in Prilep Municipality,
  • Introduction of Law on Packaging and Packaging waste as a precondition for successful recycling, presented by Mrs. Jadranka Ivanova and Lence Kurcieva from MOEPP.

At the end of the workshop, Mr. Zlatko Risteski, Director of PUC “Komunalec” - Prilep was appointed as a mentor, to further assist municipalities and public utility companies that lack behind in experience, like:

  • PUC Krushevo, represented by Mr. Velko Krsteski
  • PUC Demir Hisar, represented by Mr. Peco kalovski
  • PUC Krivogashtani, represented by Mr. Toni Ruvcheski
  • PUC Dolneni, represented by Mr. Adnan Mehmeti

The workshop was attended by representatives from municipalities and public utility companies from Pelagonija region, together with representatives from companies (business sector) that generate packaging waste, and other interested parties. (see attached list of participants)

Following topics were presented:

  •  Mr. Zlatko Risteski, introduced the PET collection system established in the city of Prilep, supported and partly financed by USAID Plastic Recycling Project. He explained the benefits of the system: cleaner city, less bulk material deposited on the damp yard, and a significant income of money to the local budget from sales of recyclables. Less transportation cost and less pollution of the environment also contribute to the benefits of such a system. He also stated his readiness to assist other municipalities from the region to implement similar system, not only for PET, but also for other packaging waste, since the Law on packaging and packaging waste is already in force. Therefore, he invited everybody interested to contact him, visit their company and obtain their knowledge and experience.
  • The workshop was followed by a presentation of the Law on packaging and packaging waste,
    On this occasion, the presenter Mrs. Jadranka Ivanova from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (also one of the author of this Law) introduced the law to the companies, and explained the obligations and responsibilities explained in the Law, for them in terms of packaging waste, the standards that should be reached, system recovery and recycling and information system for consumers.
    Mrs Jadranka Ivanova congratulated USAID efforts in raising awareness and knowledge within waste management system in various regions, and fully supported our Workshop and future activities. Media coverage of the event, (local TV KANAL VIZIJA) was organized very well by our partners, Center for Development of Pelagonija Region.
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