NEWS:   8 April 2011, SEEU, Know- How in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program

USAID PRP supports experience exchange for strengthening municipal capacities for implementing Municipal PET Collection Program

On 8 April 2011, USAID PRP organized first of three workshops focused on experience exchange between municipalities in implementing municipal PET collection program and introduction of the Law on Packaging and Packaging waste. Participants represented municipalities, public utility companies, companies that generate packaging waste and civil society representatives from Polog region- Gostivar, Tetovo, Zelino, Bogovinje, Brvenica, Vrapcishte and Jegunovce Students from SEEU participated actively in the discussions at the workshop. The workshop was organized at the South East European University in Tetovo, in cooperation with USAID PRP partner NGO “Sonce”.

Presentations and discussions were focused on several aspects important for sustaining municipal PET collection program: establishing public private partnerships, integration of informal waste collectors in the formal waste management system, experience exchange with European countries, role of rising public awareness etc. Parteciupants expressed particular interest during presentations of Mr. Damir Pavoshevic, CEO of Eco- Flor, Public Utility Company based in Polog region and Mr. Igor Makaloski, Deputy Manager in PAKOMAK- first authorized organization for managing packaging waste. While Mr.Pavoshevic presented success stories in implementing PET collection program in municipalities of Gjorce Petrov, Negotino- Poloshko, Tearce, Jegunovce and Brvenica, Mr. Makaloski presented PAKOMAK activities and opportunities for cooperation with municipalities.

The next workshops will gather municipalities and other relevant representatives form the waste management sector in Pelagonija and Belasica region. In order learning systems to be defined and secured in continuum, mentors will be appointed for each region.

In Polog region following persons will ac as mentors:

  • Prof. Murterzan Ismaili, Director of the Institute for Environment ad Health at SEE University, Tetovo
  • Mr. Damir Pavoshevic, CEO of Eko- Flor, PUC in Polog region
  • Mr. Igor Makaloski, deputy Manger, PAKOMAK- first authorized company for managing packaging waste
  • Mr. Saubi Demiri, Municipal Environmental Inspector, Municipality of Bitola


The International Romani Day celebrated in Tetovo

8 April 2011. USAID PRP, NGO “Soce” from Tetovo and SEEU jointly organized celebration of the International Romani Day. The event followed the workshop held the same day at the SEEU. Informal waste collectors, mainly Roma, play key role in sustaining recycling industry in Macedonia. This event was an opportunity for rising awareness on importance of formalizing their activities in waste management system and as well on many issues that this population is facing. 

The II know – how transfer workshop held in Pelagonija Region

The workshop was held on 15 April 2011 in Bitola. USAID PRP organized the event in cooperation with the Municipality of Bitola. The audience included municipal representatives, public utility companies, civil society representatives, business that generate packaging waste etc. from municipalities of Prilep and Bitola.

The Law of Packaging and Packaging waste was presented by Mrs. Jadranka Ivanova and Mrs. Lence Kurcieva from the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, while the experiences in implementing the Municipal PET Collection program were presented by Mr. Zaltko Risteski, Dierctor of PUC “Komunalec”- Prilep and Mr. Zoran Soklevski, Technical Director of PUC “Komunalec”-Bitola. Both directors were appointed as mentors aiming to assist municipalities in Pelagonija region in establish or strengthening their waste recycling programs.
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