NEWS:   8 April 2011, SEEU, Know- How in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program

USAID PRP organized training for the informal collectors of plastic waste

On 01 April2011, USAID PRP organized training for the informal collectors of plastic waste.  The training was organized in Kumanovo at the premises of the project NGO partner “Vramasi”.
Business Knowledge training session was about transferring important information to informal collectors of the future changes of the packaging waste management system, and their crucial role and involvement within it.
The training attended first group of 21 informal waste collectors from Kumanovo (from which 3 were female).


Mr. Ajnur Sulejman, representative of USAID plastic recycling project and moderator of the training session, made a short introduction of USAID Plastic Recycling Project – Phase 3, and a brief presentation regarding project goals and activities, he further explained the formation and role of the National Platform.

Mr. Aleksandar Tikveshanski, first explained how the system for integration of informal collectors will be established in Skopje. Then he mention that similar system would be established in the city of Kumanovo, too, taking in consideration the local specifics and habits. He also explained in addition, that making their business more effective, legal and sustainable are the objectives of cooperation with PUK Kumanovo (formal employment). The draft version of ID cards for the informal collectors was presented, thus explaining how the problem with penalties can be solved, giving them possibility to serve the containers legally.

Mr. Tikveshanski presented  Pakomak activities and mechanisms of cooperation with informal collectors. In this presentation he mentioned that projected targets (quantities) of packaging waste to be collected from Pakomak are far beyond from the current collected quantities. This fact encourages informal collectors, and guarantees their full enrolment in the process. He also mention their readiness to absorb (buy) all quantities of various packaging waste, based on market (competitive) prices, even to add certain amount of subsidies. During this session more information were given on flow of waste and terms of payment. This was of particular interest for waste collectors.

Mr. Ramis Osmanovski, on behalf of VRAMA SI gave a short briefing and update of current talks with the PUC and the Municipality of Kumanovo, and express their readiness to support the project of integration of informal collectors.

The Informal collectors actively followed the session, generated many questions on which partly they obtain an answer, and were further advised to contact NGO’s trainees and USAID staff for more explanation and clarification.

Most common questions:
What type of cooperation will be between them and PUC and when will they sign it?
How will the Public Utility Company employ them? Will they loose their state’s social benefits?
What Number of containers will be serviced per person? How will they be paid? What about the penalties from the police: interruptions to public order and peace.

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