NEWS:   8 April 2011, SEEU, Know- How in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program

Huge interest of the informal collectors for trainings organized by USAID Plastic Recycling Project

On 23 February 2011, USAID PRP organized its first training for the informal collectors of plastic waste.  The training was organized in Shuto Orizari at the premises of the project NGO partner “Dendo Vas”.

Representatives from various institutions that are crucial for the process of integration of the informal waste collectors presented their modes of operation, future investments, and possibilities for cooperation with the informal sector.

The USAID PRP was presented by Mrs.Tatjana Markovska, the Project Management Specialist at the USAID Economic Growth Office.   Mr. Ajnur Sulejman, Roma Integration Officer at USAID PRP, explained the activities of the National Platform for support of the informal collectors that was established recently.

Mr. Dobre Velkovski from PUK “Komunalna Higiena” spoke about new investments of the institution that involved the installation of new equipment for selection of PET waste (100- 200) and new recycling yards to become operational. Mr. Velkovski said that one of the possibilities is to divide the city into areas where the collectors would be allowed to operate under certain conditions. Some of the conditions include having contract with the PUK and safety clothing that holds company’s branding.

Mr. Igor Makaloski, from PAKOMAK- first legalized agency for managing packaging waste, highlighted the importance for engaging informal collectors in collection of packaging waste, as the projected quantities for collection reach far beyond the current ones.  He also emphasized that the contracts will be made through the PUK “Komunalna Higiena”.

Presentations were delivered by a representative of Greentech in Macedonia, Mr. Vlado Petkovski and Mrs. Senzana Boskovska from Micro loan institution “Horizonti”.

The various topics provoked the interest of the informal collectors who focused their questions on practical issues, such as types of contracts to be signed with the PUK”Komunalna Higiena”,  the organization of the transportation of the collected PET, quantity of the containers to be served per person, payment procedures, police concerns, and many others.



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