NEWS:   8 April 2011, SEEU, Know- How in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program

USAID Plastic Recycling Project signed MOU for defining support  to be provided to informal waste collectors in formalizing and sustaining their business

On 27 January, 2011, USAID Plastic Recycling Project signed MOU with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Employment State Agency,  City of Skopje/ JKP “Komunalna Higiena” and PAKOMAK- first authorized entity for managing packaging waste.  This document defines roles and responsibilities of partner- institutions in the process of inclusion of informal waste collectors into the formal recycling and waste collection system.

“The commitment we are making here today will not only help improve the lives of those who have been informal waste collectors, it will also improve the recycling industry in Macedonia, thereby benefiting all who live here by reducing the accumulation of waste,” said USAID Mission Director, Michael Fritz. “Today I urge the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Government of Macedonia to continue to provide financial support for the integration of marginalized groups in society and allow them to take an active role in their development with human dignity.”

The USAID Plastic Recycling Project will target 500 informal collectors, focusing on increasing their knowledge and abilities related to basic business skills, negotiations with buyer companies, health and safety measures while dealing with waste, registration procedures and legislation.  Informal collectors interested in starting up their own businesses will be supported through the Project’s self- employment initiatives and grant schemes.


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