NEWS:   8 April 2011, SEEU, Know- How in implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program


The Project officially begun on October 2010. This project phase is focused on enabling environment for inclusion of the informal waste collectors into the formal recycling skim. The project should result with increase in employment of representatives of this marginalized group and increased quality of waste management in the targeted municipalities.

In this phase project will be implemented in Municipalities of Skopje, Tetovo, Kumanovo, Strumica and Bitola. For achieving long- term results the Project will establish cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, targeted municipalities, public/ private utility companies, NGO’s, recyclers and other relevant institution within the sector.
The Project is consisted of two lead components:

  • Integration of informal collectors of waste into the formal system for waste management through capacity building of informal collectors and relevant institutions
  • Strengthening local capacities for establishment of Municipal PET Collection Program

The capacity building intervention will be focused on increasing basic business knowledge of the informal collectors, access to information in the recycling and solid waste sector, social and institutional capital and legal issues.  The grant program is anticipated for supporting those informal collectors who will manage to formalize their business.

The second component will be focused on know- how exchange and establishing of monitoring and evaluation system in the municipalities for successful implementation of the Municipal PET Collection Program.  Those municipalities that succeed to implement the Municipal PET Collection program will take a mentoring role and assist those that left behind to overcome existing challenges in implementation of this program.


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